Coordinate Necklace / Latitude Longitude Necklace / Personalized GPS Location Necklace / Custom Coordinate Pendant/ Handstamped Necklace

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Latitude Longitude Coordinates Necklace Create your own personalized GPS coordinate necklace! This personalized necklace comes in gold fill or silver options. Pick your address, city, town or any other special location to you and have it turned into a Latitude and Longitude necklace to remember forever! Pendant measures 1/4" tall and 1 1/4" wide (or 1.5" wide for longer coordinates) Necklace is hand-stamped, NOT engraved. Your coordinates are each individually stamped and a machine is not used in this process, making each necklace truly unique. This adds to the hand made nature of the necklace, and will not look machine perfect. Pendant polished to a high shine finish. Please provide your coordinates by using the website below: Enter your coordinates into the personalization box. How do different ways of writing coordinates look? Please provide them in the style that you want them stamped. Double check your coordinates are the location you want, I cannot double check coordinates for you. 1) Decimal Degrees +/- : 30.4421 -84.2892 2) Decimal Degrees N/W: 30.4421° N 84.2982° W 3) DMS : 30° 26' 31.56'' N 84° 17' 53.52'' W Create a His and Her's gift with this men's Lat Lo Leather bracelet: Be Authentic!