F**k Politeness Keychain My Favorite Murder Keychain or Lock Your F**king Door Keychain

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Celebrate the My Favorite Murder Community! Colorful etched acrylic keychain features one the sayings made famous by Karen and Georgia! Acrylic is lightweight and comes in a solid opaque black with white writing. Keychain comes on a 1" key ring to attach to your keys. Etched sayings include : "Fuck Politeness" or "Lock Your Fucking Door", colorfilled with white text. Keychains measure 2.5" long and 1.25" wide. Made in studio, by willajunejewelry, no printing or 3 party was used in the making of this product. Be Authentic! willajunejewelry is authentically made with real gemstones, real precious metals, and handcrafted by me in a small home studio.