Garnet Necklace / Orange Garnet Necklace/ Grossular Garnet / Garnet Bullet Stone / Hanging Garnet Pendant / January Birthstone

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Orange Grossular Garnet Pendant Necklace This gorgeous one of a kind pendant features an orange grossular garnet (learn more below) bullet shaped stone with a sterling silver handcrafted pendant setting. The top of the pendant is completely handmade and features a decorative borders and a tall "cap" for the stone. The necklace hangs beautifully and focuses the attention on such a wonderful and unique garnet stone. Pendant measures .69" tall and about 1/2" wide at the top. The pendant hangs from a solid sterling silver rope chain with a trigger clasp. What is Grossular Garnet? **Grossular is member of the Garnet group, and is its most varicolored form, occurring in almost all colors except for blue. Grossular is often dark in color, but it also forms the lightest colored forms of Garnet, and can even be white or colorless. Although not as famous as Almandine and Pyrope, Grossular has some important gem varieties. Be Authentic! willajunejewelry is authentically made with real gemstones, real precious metals, and handcrafted by me in a small home studio.