My Favorite Murder Bracelet / SSDGM / Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered/ Murderino Gift / MFM Jewelry

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SSDGM Stamped My Favorite Murder Bracelet Stamped by hand on a lightweight aluminium or goldtone brass cuff bracelet is the slogan for My Favorite Murder. Each letter is lovingly hand stamped individually Aluminium does not react with the skin, it's great for those with metal sensitivities! Cuff has slight give, so it can be adjusted to your wrist. Super lightweight! Cuff measures 6" long, 1 1/4" opening, 2.5" diameter inside. This handstamped cuff is available in Aluminum (Silver) or Brass (Gold). Be Authentic! willajunejewelry is authentically made with real gemstones, real precious metals, and handcrafted by me in a small home studio. See more at