My Favorite Murder Keychain / I Curse You with My Dying Breath / Murderino Gift / SSDGM / My Favorite Murderino / Split Heart Keychain

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Love My Favorite Murder? Enjoyed Episode 119? Karen's wish for a " I curse you with my dying breath" has come true! Made in fun colored acrylic this keychain feature two halves, like a best friends necklace, but with a murderino twist! One half features "I curse you" and the other features "with my dying breath" I did all the graphic design work and then etched and cut these out of acrylic. Keychain is 2.5" long and 2" wide (for whole heart). Lightweight so will not weigh down or heavy your keys. Colors currentlly available: Lilac, Aqua, Red, Mirrored Purple, and for pre-order: Gold Mirrored. Find the necklace version of this here: Be Authentic! willajunejewelry is authentically made with real gemstones, real precious metals, and handcrafted by me in a small home studio.