SSDGM My Favorite Murder Headphone Organizer MFM Podcast Earbud organizers

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Looking for a way to control your headphones/earbuds? This simple little tool will help control and organizer your unruly tangle of earbud cord! Made of lightweight acrylic (more colors coming soon!) this flat and easy to carry tool keeps your headphones wrapped and organized. Put the ear pieces through the double slots, wrap the cord around the body of the holder and then slip the connector into the diagonal slot. Measures 3.25" long and 1.6" wide. Etched sayings include : "SSDGM" in curvy font or "Stay Sexy & Don't Get Murdered" in script font. Be Authentic! willajunejewelry is authentically made with real gemstones, real precious metals, and handcrafted by me in a small home studio.