Handmade One of a Kind Jewelry for special and memorable moments.


Since I was little I've always been a "crafter". I followed my mom to her craft shows and loved seeing all of the handcrafted items. As I progressed in getting my Master's degree in Sociology, I found myself unfulfilled with academic life and started to take Continuing Education courses in different jewelry mediums. One master's degree in hand, and several jewelry classes later, I set my sight on designing and creating jewelry. With a simple sketch, the name of my business was born. willajunejewelry is my creative soul, and an ode to my grandma (Willa June), who loved jewelry, gems, rockhounding and being unapologetically herself. All gemstones and metal are genuine and authentic. I don't hide what it is or how it's made. I use the best quality gemstones and metals to provide an affordable yet beautiful piece to my customers. My jewelry is created to be enjoyed everyday, during any occasion, to be a reflection of the wearer and their uniqueness. Simply- wear what brings you joy and inspires you. willajunejewelry operates out of a home studio. Every piece that comes from my shop is designed, created, photographed, packaged, and sent by me.